Tuesday, June 1, 2010

PR Info

Hey, I am Brandon Kincaid.  I have started to blogging to do reviews and giveaways, as well as blogging about personal anectdotes, opinions of movies, etc. I love giving informative and honest reviews about products. I'm a shopper, and whether it be food, clothes, electronics, I love finding the latest trends before anyone else does and that's why I would like to review exciting new products. 

I'm a college student -- not a mom like most reviewers -- so I can give a hip new opinion about foods/items for people my age. Sorry, but I won't review baby stuff (obviously).

Review Info:

Each review will have picture of your product as well as link to your website.
All items are mine to keep as "payment." Should you want the item returned, you must pay for the return shipping
All reviews/giveaways without a product in hand will result in a small fee for my time and space. No Product Fee is - $25.

Giveaway info:

Giveaways won't last longer than two weeks.
Winners are chosen at random using Randomizer, unless stated otherwise.
Giveaways will be open to all US residents unless your company wants to add international as well.
Shipping of giveaway prizes will be taken care of by your company. I will provide the winner's shipping information to you upon completion of the giveaway.

Ad Space:

I have 4 Slots at 125x125 available. Price is per 30 days at $25 each.
Other sizes are available but need to be discussed first.
Please email me for a private quote.


If you have any other questions or comments about the above or anything else involving reviews/giveaways please contact me at my email address: thedisneydork@gmail.com

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from your company soon!

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